Science-based knowledge for growth and inspiration

We help companies care for their employees
by organizing top-notch lectures and pop-sci events.

According to The Science Of Care whitepaper by Limeade Institute, when employees feel cared for:


plan to stay at their company for three plus years


feel included in their organization


would recommend their organization as a great place to work

iconEvent types


1-hour speech + 30-min Q&A session

Science & Wine

While enjoying a glass of wine, two speakers discuss a hot topic, each from the point of his/her scientific area of expertise. Afterwards — Q&A session with the audience. For example, a neurophysiologist and a psychologist talk about willpower and how to improve it.

Science battle

Two speakers provide brief overviews of the topic, each from the point of his/her scientific area of expertise. Afterwards — a speakers' debate and a Q&A session with the audience.


Workshops, pop science parties and team buildings. If you have another request, we will plan out and prepare the event from scratch according to your vision.



How does machine learning help scientists explore the universe? Why study exoplanets? When can humankind expect the first city on Mars? What do astrobiologists research?

Ecology and ecotechnologies

How can humans protect Earth… from themselves and which ecotechnologies will help us? What are the most dramatic ways climate change can impact humankind? Why is global warming so disturbing?


How to take care of our mental health? What are our bodies capable of? How to live a healthy, happy life? What are science-backed tips to strengthen the immune system?

Soft skills

How to apply critical thinking to navigate news and social media feeds? What are actionable tips to boost creativity? How to make better decisions and develop emotional intelligence?


What are the big technologies of the future? Which scientific discoveries are going to transform our life and work? What skills will be the most valuable in 20 years? When will we be able to become space tourists?

icon We help companies:


Enhance their employer brand


Showcase corporate social responsibility through science popularization


Encourage employees to constantly learn and develop their soft skills


Unite teams, diversify daily routines and improve workplace atmosphere

iconOur process

  • Step 1 We find out the needs of your audience and prepare the offer
  • Step 2 Together with a speaker, we define core messages and craft the storyline
  • Step 3 We run rehearsals with a speaker and assist with the content presentation and design
  • Step 4 Finally, we help you organize and moderate the event
  • Step 5 After the event, we share a brief summary with the main points of the lecture


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