Mariia Pavlovska

Marine biologist, participant in the expedition to the Vernadsky station

Mariia Pavlovska is a biodiversity research expert of the UNDP project EU4EMBLAS. Master of Science from Uppsala University (Sweden), participant in the seasonal expedition to the Akademik Vernadsky station, SCAR Fellowship in cooperation with the Max Planck Institute for Marine Microbiology (Bremen, Germany).


How are we going to restore the Black Sea

Lecture by Mariia Pavlovska

The Black Sea is a unique body of water that is virtually isolated from other marine bodies of water and connected only to the Mediterranean Sea. Now, its ecosystem is being hostage to a full-scale war. But our experience is unique in recent history. We have the opportunity to set a precedent for the full restoration of the national territory and maritime areas after the war.

● How international marine expeditions assessed the state of the Black Sea before the full-scale invasion
● What watershed-based restoration means (the case of the Danube River) and what are the necessary steps to achieve it
● How scientists currently assess the impact of hostilities on the ecosystem the stories that the places with sunken boats and ships will tell us
● About citizen science and how each of us can help scientists prepare for the restoration of the Black Sea and protected areas


Environment Ukraine Lecture
How are we going to restore the Black Sea
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