БУДЬ/BE is a platform designed to help Ukrainian women to get a job in IT and creative industries. Mentors and experts from the best Ukrainian and global companies support women in their job search.

Due to the Russian military invasion, more than 40% Ukrainian men and women lost their job.
For women, a new city or country often means career changes – a new workplace, a new company or an entirely new profession.

БУДЬ/BE is a response to this challenge.
Civil organization INSCIENCE, which promotes science, created a platform that will become your guide, helper, and support in your career path. This platform launched with the European Union and implemented jointly with UN Women and UNFPA.

Be a woman in tech, design, programming, software development, or testing.
Choose a new profession for yourself – and become a specialist with the support of IT and human resources experts who will work with you. Lifelong learning is a universal superpower despite age.

The mentor

is a specialist in the IT and creative areas, who shares experience with the mentee. It is possible to participate as a curator, an expert, or get both roles at the same time. Curators, together with mentees, set relevant goals and help to achieve them during the program. Curators should not prepare CV or cover letters for mentees. Curators give feedback, support, and share valuable experiences in a job search and employee onboarding. Experts, in turn, conduct one-to-one consultations on a specific topic upon mentees' requests.

The mentee

is a woman, participant of the project БУДЬ, looking for a job in tech companies or creative agencies.
Mentee receives assistance from specialists in these industries. The mentee may already have necessary skills.
In this case, mentor helps to complete the documents and prepare for an interview (sprint).
In another case, the mentor spends more time with mentee, defines job roles for application and required skills to upgrade (marathon).

For whom

women who temporarily moved to another Ukrainian city and looking for an online job

women abroad in a job search

women who lost their jobs and want to learn a new profession

With us, you can

The platform БУДЬ is a plus for your career and also your action for our country’s victory. ow more than half of Ukrainians think about additional education, and new knowledge, and plan to learn a new profession that helps to renew the country after the war.'

Strengthen yourself in the profession,
choose your own career goals and
be economically independent –
welcome to БУДЬ!


Mentor’s timeline

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  • Marathon / 3 months icon
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Mentee’s timeline

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  • Marathon / 3 months icon
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Наталія Романуха

Talent Operation Specialist, SoftServe

Viktoria Nikolenko

User Acquisition Team Lead, Welltech

Oleg Bilozor

CEO & Founder, Reply

Liza Kuznietsova

Product Designer, Uber

Olga Troian

Cofounder, CEO, ImagerWard

Anna Petruk

Product Manager, Grammarly

educational program

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What are the specialties in IT?

Anna Apostol

founder of the online academy of IT professions
Mate academy

Watch the video

Where to look for a job in IT and how to choose vacancies

Julia Kudina

career consultant,
Vice President of People at Reface

Watch the video

Preparing a CV, cover letter and LinkedIn profile

Julia Ternova

Head of Recruitment with 7 years of experience

Watch the video

How to confidently pass the interview

Lina Kalysh

Head Of Talent in Awesomic. Worked at Readdle,
People.ai, HealthJoy

Watch the video

Building a career
strategy in IT

Oleksandra Burlakova

Author at the Youtube channel “Managerka”, CEO at doba.ua, digital marketer.

Watch the video

Self-support when applying: advice from a psychologist

Natalia Pashko

psychologist, expert
OSCE Project Co-ordinator in Ukraine

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Olena Skyrta

project manager


Anna Orekhova

project coordinator


Anastasia Sylenok

mentorship manager/Digitizing.Space


Alla Biloshapko

educational program coordinator


Liliia Badiul

coordinator of mentors/Digitizing.Space


Anastasiia Krasnozhon

communications manager


Nataliia Levoshych

community manager/Digitizing.Space


Olga Andrieieva



Tamara Shevchenko



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Welcome to БУДЬ

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БУДЬ/BE project is implemented in the framework of the EU 4 Gender Equality: Together against gender stereotypes and gender-based violence programme, funded by the European Union, implemented jointly by UN Women and UNFPA.

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INSCIENCE is a non-governmental organization promoting science and increasing its value for society, business, and institutions through popular science projects. We make Ukrainian scientists and doctors visible and advance the development of critical thinking by promoting a scientific approach to discovering the world.